Our mission:

The mission of the Chinese American Chamber of Commerce is to promote, support and foster business, educational and cultural relationships within the Southern Nevada community.

Our purpose:

1. To promote business opportunities and prosperity within the Chinese
2. To sponsor and support cultural and community events, local charities and educational programs within the community.
3. To promote education and understanding between the Chinese American community and other cultural and ethnic groups within Southern Nevada.
4. To further the political influence of the Chinese people in order to ensure that the Chinese American community’s interests are represented on the local and state government levels.

Executive Directors:

James Chen, Travis Liu, Henry Hwang, Terry Chen, Kwon Sin, Wei-Feng Zheng, Ken

Below is a list of the Chinese American Chamber of Commerce’s past and current events, activities and charitable contributions:

Annual Events:

The annual Chinese New Year Festival
The annual Chinese Cultural Tour for local elementary and middle school students
The annual Chinese New Year Dinner Party
The Miss Chinatown Las Vegas Beauty Pageant


Sponsors community seminars on a variety of topics such as immigration, social welfare, tax, insurance, security and safety and immunizations
Petitioned the governor to declare West Spring Mountain Road as the Chinatown District
Partnered in publishing the Chinese Business Directory
Collaborate with the Nevada Health Center’s Mammovan to provide mammogram services to women without health insurance
Established the Chinatown early voting booth to register Chinese American voters as well as encourage them to vote
In 2003, the Chamber sponsored the “No SARS Under the Stars” event to educate the public about SARS. This event helped to mitigate the damage done to local Chinese-owned businesses due to the growing fear of this illness.

Charitable Contributions:

Founded the “Help for Chinese in Crisis Fund”, which has raised and donated $3,700 to the local Chinese American community.
Donated an additional $4,200 to other local Chinese organizations
Granted up to $3,200 for multiple educational scholarships
In association with the Southern Nevada Health District, donated $3,000 in flu shots for senior citizens without health insurance



Business Member

United Pacific Realty
Travis Lu & Associate LLC
Dr. Sonny Ho, Chiropractor
Dr. Guo & Dr. Zheng Family Practice
Sam Woo BBQ Restaurant
Las Vegas Chinese Business Directory
Business Directory
Valley Oriental Arts
99 Ranch market
Emperor's Garden Restaurant
Las Vegas Chinese Daily News
Chinatown Plaza

Gold Coast Casino
Rio Casino
Harsch Investment Properties
Cox Communications
Wells Fargo Bank

Chinese American Chamber of Commerce
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